You will be surprised to know the age of the crocodile skeleton!

Crocodile skeleton is about 150 million years old

Crocodile skeleton is about 150 million years old


The remains of an old crocodile hatch have been discovered in southern Chile. The Argentine National Museum recently confirmed the deal. 

Scientists believe the crocodile bone is about 150 million years old. Scientists in Chile and Argentina said the bone was discovered in 2014, but it was born seven years ago. 

Not only that, they also call him the "grandfather" or "father" of modern crocodiles. Although the skull or skull of this tiny crocodile seems to be more common, it is about 150 million years old.

 Although it was discovered by a team of scientists in Argentina, Chile and southern Chile in 2014 , its age, style and many other aspects must be studied in the last seven years.

"The world was different 200 million years ago," said a scientist in the expert team. The crocodiles of that time were quite small and terrestrial in nature. The crocodiles of today's age are of a resorating nature. Not only that, this ancient species is quite different in many ways than the crocodiles of today. We can call them the ancestors of crocodiles of this era. ’

The ancient species has been scientifically named 'Burkesukus Malingrandensis'. Scientists believe that the skeleton fossil will play an important role in the study of how crocodiles have turned out to be from a terrestrial animal.
At the same time, they said the ongoing research on crocodile evolution in South America will also gain momentum.

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