Wife's imprisonment for secretly reading husband's message!

                 Husband phone addiction

husband phone addiction

Reporter: Second marriage despite having first wife. Then a man from the United Arab Emirates thought that he would move away from his first wife and children and have a peaceful family with his second wife. But his dream was shattered in a few days.

The second wife began to think that the first wife was getting more importance from her husband. She used to hide the message sent to the first wife in the absence of her husband.

After reading the message and e-mail of my husband's phone, there was a lot of unrest every day. The second wife was severely punished for this crime.

Her husband had filed a case against his second wife at the police station. He said in the complaint, his second wife used to read the phone, the first wife from the laptop, the message sent to the child. Gradually the relationship with the first wife catches up. Separation is theirs. His second wife is responsible for so much.

The man also demanded a large sum of money from his second wife for compensation. The court sentenced his second wife to one month in jail on the basis of her husband's allegations. Even two lakh rupees has been fined.

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