The Dragon Triangle is just like the Bermuda Triangle

 The Dragon Triangle Most Mysterious Than Bermuda Triangle

The Dragon Triangle is just like the Bermuda Triangle

Reporter: Everyone knows about the Bermuda Triangle. Ships or planes - disappear as soon as they enter the area! But this time, like the Bermuda Triangle, another wonderful place has been found. That region is in Japan. The area is known as the 'Dragon Triangle'.

According to Chinese belief, dragons live in the underworld. This mysterious region has been named after that myth. The sea here is the abode of evil energy, such a myth has been formed. That is why it is also called 'Devil's C'.

According to an international media report, this mysterious place is located 100 km south of Tokyo in Japan. Terrible myths have been created over the decades centering on Devil's Sea.

Basically, that myth has been strong since the fifth decade of the last century. At that time several large ships disappeared as they approached the area. From 1950 to 1954, a total of nine ships were lost in the Pacific Ocean. But all the ships had radio transmitters. But no message came from any of them.

The Japanese government sent a ship, the Kaiyo Maru, to the area to investigate the situation. But that too never came back. The wreckage of that ship was found much later. But no trace of the 31 sailors on board was found.

You Should Know More

Naturally, after the incidents, the panic around the place has been increasing. At the same time, an attempt was made to explain the 'ghostly' episode of 'Dragon Triangle'. Someone said, electromagnetic waves. Some have found a 'time loop' in the region by presenting the theory of time travel again.

The cause of the disappearance of ships or aircraft in the area is still unknown. However, the theory of electromagnetic waves is still strong. Which is also referred to in the case of the Bermuda Triangle. Besides, the real facts behind the creation of various myths are covered up.

This 'Devil's Sea' has become one of the most mysterious places in the world. Around which new mysteries continue to accumulate.

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