Space travel tickets begin to sell

 Each ticket is being sold for 450,000 dollars

Space travel tickets begin to sell

 Space travel company Virgin Galactic has once again started selling tickets to space tourists. And each ticket sells for $ 450,000. Recently, 

after Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson returned from space, the company began selling space tourism tickets again. The company hopes to launch commercial space flights next year after several test missions. This was reported in a BBC report by British media on Sunday (August 8). 

Esgadget said Virgin Galactic announced it was re-launching ticket sales when it released its financial report for the second quarter of this year. A privately owned company said significant progress had been made in launching commercial space travel services in 2022. In a statement, Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Kogleizer said customer interest grew as the test mission was successful last July. 

That is why we are happy to sell tickets again. It will come into force from today (Saturday). We want to get a large number of people around the world interested in space science. We are very happy to present a completely new sector: Virgin Galactic is competing with two space tourism institutions. 

One of them is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos` Blue Origin and Tesla owner Elon Musk`s SpaceX. Jeff Bezos returned to the space belt with six crews on his organization's spacecraft after Branson explored the space belt.

 This time, his company Blue Origin also intends to sell space travel tickets. Their tickets cost between two hundred and three hundred thousand dollars.

Virgin Galactic is offering space travel aspirants the opportunity to choose from three packages in terms of tickets. A single ticket costs 450,000 dollars. There are multiple ticket packages at once if you want to go into space with friends. The company has also given an opportunity to book entire flights.
Virgin Galactic's current spacecraft VSS Unity has four seats except two pilots. So engadget commented that booking the entire flight is not impossible. But the site said people who have already responded to ticket booking will dominate.
Italian Air Force personnel are said to be aboard the next flight to the Virgin Galactic. The renovation work will continue till mid-2022 at the company's carrier Aircraft VMS Eve. Virgin Galactic hopes to start commercial flights in the third quarter of 2022.
Those who have already expressed interest in space travel will have to book seats. 600 tickets have already been sold for the stalled mission.

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