Sent pictures will be deleted on WhatsApp as soon as they see them

          WhatsApp automatically took advantage of deleting a video or photo

Sent pictures will be deleted on WhatsApp as soon as they see them

WhatsApp uses the option to automatically remove video or photo view when sent to WhatsApp. IPhone and Android users will benefit from this feature. Thanks to the viewersâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; function, the recipient will be deleted after viewing the video or photo on WhatsApp. 

Authors say the messaging app initiated the plan to allow users to manage the privacy of their information. Also, after viewing photos or videos, they are stored in the recipients' lobby. There is no chance of handing it over. 

WhatsApp says it is best to send messages only to people they trust frequently. Because even though this image is stored in the album, there is no restriction saved by screen shot or something else. You can also download photos from another device. How to send a message on Whatsapp WhatsApp will first be upgraded to a new version. 

After the update, the recipient will be able to send a photo or video when the chat is opened. In the media file window when selected, a small circular option will be displayed in English text. 

Tap text in the circle options to activate the Show Media option. After sending the View file, select the message and swipe your finger to the appropriate recipient to open or view the message.

 This feature also works for group messages on WhatsApp. The team members will still be sent to follow the above procedure. Likewise, by selecting the message and swiping your finger to the right one, you will see the team open it. You can also cancel the service by touching this text circle. Length of checkout A message is 14 days.

 This means that if it is not opened for 14 days, it will be deleted. Full WhatsApp protection also works with this visible message. This means that no one can see it except the recipient and the sender.

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