Search for the Fifth Ocean!

Since childhood, it has been known that there are 7 continents and 4 oceans on earth

Search for the Fifth Ocean!

 since childhood for the fact that Earth has 7 continents and 4 oceans. 70% of the wet world is made up of oceans. If you look at the Earth from space, the roofs of the planets appear blue. 

There are 4 known seas on Earth. Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean. Scientists Say A Fifth Ocean Has Been Discovered National Geology has designated World Oceans Day as the fifth ocean in the Antarctic Ocean. According to National Geosciences, 

the Antarctic Ocean surrounds Antarctica. Scientists have found that this approach dates back to the existence of the Antarctic Ocean, but has no international recognition. National geologists love icebergs in the cold, blue waters. The mountains around this sea are amazing and the wildlife is even better. Many seas are famous for their surrounding continents. However, it is different from other seas due to the currents. The Antarctic Ocean plays an important role in maintaining a natural oceanic climate by maintaining the flow of water. National geologists are working to stabilize traditional ocean currents during this hot global warming. 

Sarcambila Currant was introduced to Antarctica two years ago. At the time, the mainland was separated from the Southern Yankees. Water in this region flows from west to east near Antarctica. This area is relatively cold and low in salinity. This current is more closely related to the current than any other current. Antarctica's Sarcumbra Current also plays an important role between India and the Atlantic Ocean.

 It helps to maintain a stable temperature on Earth. Many countries and organizations knew of the Antarctic Ocean, but did not know where it was actually located. A colleague of a nurse has been discussing this for some time. far

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