Request from locked profile! How to view pictures

        Facebook Profile Lock ? No Problem You Can Visit Profile And Pictures

Facebook Profile Lock ? No Problem You Can Visit Profile And Pictures


Social media Facebook is important to all. Almost all internet users have a Facebook profile. It is possible to share all the important events of life by posting pictures and videos on Facebook.

In addition, many people like to share their thoughts and ideals on this social site. Also, you can share important events of your life with friends at the moment through live telecast.

Although multiple security features have been added recently, concerns about the security of profiles remain on Facebook. However, Facebook has always paid special attention to the safety of users. Considering that aspect, Zuckerberg's company has come up with the option to lock profiles. It has benefits, but the difficulty is no less.

Most of the time it is not clear who he is when a friend request comes from a locked profile. This creates trouble as to whether to accept the request. How to find a solution to that problem? Find out how to view the details of the locked profile.

First log in to your Facebook on a laptop or desktop. Then go to the locked profile from which you received the request. Right clicking on profile image will give you the option copy image address. Copy it. Then open another window. Go there and paste the profile picture address. That's it, this time the film will open in front of you.

But this is not the only way you can view profile pictures. One more way you can see pictures of locked profiles. Take the username from the profile and go to the link ''. Only the name has to be given in place of the user name. You will see the profile picture immediately.

There are other methods. Using which you can easily view locked profiles. Send a message to the person who wants to see his profile. You can write down whatever you want. But write something that reads that makes you reply. If the message is answered, you can easily enter its propyle.

A pre-extension of Google Chrome is picturemate. Using this you can visit any facebook profile locked without being a friend. In this case, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the official website of Picture Mate. Install the GoogleChrome extension from there.
2. Restart the browser i.e. close and open again.
3. Now go to Facebook.
4. Now enter the name of the person you want to see on your profile and search. It will open.

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