Car flies in the sky after beating imagination (Video)

                   I used to fly a flying car into the sky

Car flies in the sky after beating imagination (Video)


Think you sit in the extreme traffic jam in Dhaka. Annoyed, once upon a time you imagined if I had a flying car. Then you wouldn't have to sit in this annoying traffic jam and sweat anymore. I used to fly a flying car into the sky and reach my destination. The reader turned your imagination into a reality and flew into the sky.

International media bbc reports that for the first time in The European country of Slovakia, a flying car named 'Aircar' has flown in the sky.

The prototype flying car flew on a pilot basis for 35 minutes from the slovakian city of Nitra to bratislava, the BBC reported. The car inventor is Stefan Klein, a SlovakiaUniversity professor and founder of klein vision company.
He blew up Klein's discovered car for the first time in front of invited journalists. He later told reporters about his experience of flying. He says, 'It's great. It felt like driving a normal car to me. ’
Professor Stefan Klein added that it took two minutes and 15 seconds for the car to fly from the road to the sky. The car will also be able to fly 1,000 kilometers over 8,200 feet.
Klein said the car could fly at a maximum speed of 170 km in the sky. The car with two seating capacities can carry a maximum weight of 200 kg. Hybrid This car has a BMW engine. This flying car can be operated on ordinary petrol.

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