App to tell cat disease

      The app will now tell you what happened to your pet cat

The app will now tell you what happened to your pet cat

The app will now tell you what happened to your pet cat. An app called Tabli has been launched by Sylvester AI, a technology company in Calgary, Canada.

The camera on this app will take pictures of the cat's face or other part of the gesture and tell you what the cat's problem is.

Does cat mood have the ability to understand humans anymore? This mysterious little friend will never let you know if he's having any problems. From a divine point of view, there is no way to understand his problem or the reason for sitting off his mood. So you have to run to the vet before you understand whether the problem is in the mind or the body. Scientists have found a solution to this problem.
The app is designed for cats through artificial intelligence. This app will give an idea of cat mood or illness by judging the cat's 'fellin grimec scale' or facial gestures. The app will test the cat's head, ears, eyes and body conditions and give you results.
Mike Pyeast of Sylvester AI said Sylvester is a company based on animal health and technology. We work on how technology can be used with the help of animals. Tabby is an app that will give the cat owner an idea whether the cat is sick or if the cat is having any problems. The app will give results only if you take a cut picture of the cat's face with the camera on the app. Sometimes your cat may be upset with you too. This app works considering the Felin Grimek scale. The various gestures in the cat's body show if the cat is in trouble.
So if you have this app, you can easily understand if your cat is in trouble, he says.
Detailed training is imparted on the use of this app at the Wild Rose Cat Clinic in Calgary. Animal doctors believe that this app is very beneficial for everyone and those who feed cats.
Dr. Lisa Ruli of the Wild Ros Cat Clinic said it was an amazing initiative. I have been working with a lot of interest since the beginning. I love working with cats, for cats. I love them like crazy. Now I can see what's wrong with them when I see their gestures. But for my colleagues or others who find cats, it is very difficult to understand the condition of the cat. The cat is in trouble, but i don't understand, it hurts more. So we're helping everyone get used to the app.
Of course, many have also criticized the app. A British citizen alleged that he used the app for his 3 cats. There was a black cat in it. This app was too late to tell the condition of the black cat by looking at its face.
Volunteers say the app will play a good role in protecting cat health. The owner will understand what is wrong with the cat only if he observes the gesture from the cat's head to tail through the app. The cat is eating, sleeping properly. So where's the problem? Through this app you will know why the cat is angry, why he wants to hide. So there is no other concern in protecting the health of pets.

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