Punishment of dogs for killing cats!

                     Punishment of dogs for killing cats!

Punishment of dogs for killing cats!

Reporter: The conflict between dogs and cats has been going on for ages. They are never close friends. Cats are often killed by dogs. However, he has never seen the judiciary of the society bother for this. The French witnessed such an incident.

In 1921 the French court stood in the midst of such a conflict. One has to choose between Sarmey and Marzer. The life of the dog that was accused of killing the cat that year was in doubt. His life depended on the court's judgment. The dog's name was Dormy. He is accused of killing at least 14 cats.

However, the cat that was dragged to court after the murder was named Sunbeam. Sunbeam was a Percy cat. Sunbim's murder was witnessed by his owner and the owner's neighbors. Dormy was charged with murder by chasing Sunbeam and putting a canine around his neck. The owner was also attacked while trying to save Sunbeam.

The cat's owner filed a lawsuit against Dormy. Not one or two, but 11 judges are hearing the case. After a long argument between the lawyers of the two sides, the judges finally decided. One of the 11 judges wanted Dormy's death sentence. He entered the gas chamber and sentenced her to death. But the verdict of the remaining 10 judges was the opposite.

Dormy was finally released according to the verdict of most of the judges. On the morning of the hearing, he went to court with owner Eaton after eating a hearty meal. Dormy was the pet of a wealthy family. Its owner was Eaton Macmillan, a wealthy French businessman at the time.

Dormy was in a good mood and completely unmoved by the case. He spends most of the day in the courtroom. In the end, Dormer was not punished. Because if an animal attacks another free animal in a free state, its responsibility does not fall on anyone. At the end of the trial, he left for home to play with the owner in the same cheerful mood. Until the 19th century, trials and convictions of pets were common in Europe.

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