Marry another bride because there is no goat meat in the food

       Marry another bride as there is no goat meat in the food

Reporter: While getting married, a groom broke up the marriage without finding goat meat in the menu given to the bridegroom. He sat down at the bride's house and did not get goat meat.
He even left the bride's house and married another woman. It sounds unbelievable, but this happened in Odisha, India.

According to a local media report, the groom got angry when he did not find goat meat in the menu on the wedding day. He left the wedding hall straight on his way home. But on the way back, he married another woman and brought her home.

The 27-year-old groom's name is Ramakant Patra. Ramakant's house in Keonstorm district of Orissa. She went to Bandhagaon in the neighbouring district on Wednesday afternoon to get married. Everything was fine in the beginning. The groom was welcomed by the bride's family. The grooms were then taken to lunch.

But the hazard begins while eating. goat meat is not on the menu. Get angry, groom. The argument first started with the food providers. The situation heated up in no time. The whole thing goes out of control.

When the groom came to know that goat meat was not on the menu, he surprised everyone and bent down directly into the wedding. The bridegroom and the groom left the wedding hall. They live in a relative's house that day. More surprisingly, Ramakant married another girl that night. The young man then returned to his home in Keonstorm.

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