A 5-month-old baby is slowly becoming a 'stone'!

 A 5-month-old baby is slowly becoming a 'stone'!

Reporter: From a distance, it would look like a clay doll. Magical tea, cotton cheeks
The little one is actually on the verge of becoming a stone. Doctors have given up hope. Doctors said they should spend as long as they are born as a blood-flesh baby, as long as
 they are alive.
Lexi Robins was born in Britain on January 31 this year amid the epidemic. When the death march around corona, alex and dave robins found lexi in the sky's moon. Lexi is usually always smiling. There was no problem anywhere. But a few days later, his parents stopped.

They discovered that the girl's thumb was not moving at all. The toes are also a little larger than usual. After a few days like this, they rushed to the doctor as there was no change in the situation.

No one caught the disease at first. Just said, Lexi can't walk. Alex and Dave couldn't believe it when they saw a healthy girl. So he decided to show it to the expert.

But Alex and Dave were stunned by what the specialist doctor said. They found out that their daughter was suffering from a rare disease called fibrodysplasia osyficanus progressivea (FOP), which also causes bones to grow outside the skeleton structure. Muscles in the body also turn into bones over time. As you get older, the excess of bones increases in the body. Which is why at one point the body virtually becomes a stone.

Doctors said the joints of the bone from Lexi's feet to her toes are swollen. There are two junctions on the thumb of the hand. That's why he can't move his finger.

Doctors added that the increase in ear bones also has a 50-year-old deafness. Lexi can't get her teeth treated. He cannot be given any injection either.

Lexi's father Dave said the doctor I went to said he had never seen such a patient before in his 30-year career. It is a very rare disease.

Only two million patients like Lexi have been found all over the world. Patients become bedridden at the age of 20 when they are diagnosed with the disease. The maximum life span is around 40 years.

But despite suffering from such a rare disease, Lexi said she was as lively and cheerful as ever. They are working to create awareness about this rare disease. Doctors picked up their hands but they also started withdrawing money for the girl's treatment.

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