9 new places on UNESCO's World Heritage List

 9 new places on UNESCO's World Heritage List

Reporter: Nine more places have been added to UNESCO's world heritage list. One of them is the City of Quangzhu in China, the Kakatiya Rudreswar temple in India and the Hima cultural area of Saudi Arabia. The new merger was announced at the ongoing session of the World Heritage Committee. According to the new list, Italy now has the highest world heritage beyond China.

Kwangzhu was once the center of Muslim civilization in China. In the Arab world, the city was known as Jayatun. Established in 1009, including the Chingjing Mosque, ancient artifacts of Islam can be seen here. Thousands of years ago, the port city had a big position in maritime trade. Unesco has included Quangzhu in the world heritage list considering its cultural importance.

Chinese Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Li Kun said Quangzhu was an example for seaports in the world at that time. It is also a remarkable wisdom to develop infrastructure. Which is why invaluable, cultural resources for humanity.

Hima, on the other hand, has been ranked sixth in Saudi Arabia. The region has about 7,000 years of memory of mountains and stones. While crossing this ancient commercial route of the Arabian Peninsula, people of different civilizations used to keep art in the mountains. Reflected in the development of human tastes and lifestyles.

India's Kakatiya Rudreswar temple has also figured in the list. The 800 year old temple in Telangana is better known as Ramapa Temple. The temple of Palamppet village and the township built around it are unique artifacts of Kakatiya architecture. Lakho tourists throng every year to see the artworks of various characters described in the puranas on the walls.

Spain's Peso del Prado and Retiro Park have received further recognition. The Prado Museum is next to the path passing through rows of trees in the center of the capital Madrid. And in the 17th century, Retro Park was built as a private palace and garden of King Philip IV.

The list of world heritage committees includes trans-Iranian railways, Great Spa Towns in Europe and Fresco Cycles in Italy. As a result, Italy now has a maximum of 57 places on the list of traditions. China is second with a low. Unesco's World Heritage List includes 1,129 locations in 167 countries.

However, the process of updating the list has been excluded from world heritage by Liverpool in the UK. The important port of the 18th and 19th centuries has been on the list since 2004. The heritage committee decided to exclude the city from the list due to new development work.

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