5 most dangerous animals in the world

                   5 most dangerous animals in the world

Reporter: There are seven continents on earth. There are bottom-bottomed seas, oceans, unknown forests. How much of the unknown creatures live there or how much do we know? We may not have known a small number of animals in this diverse world. As far as I know, some of them may be very ordinary animals, while others are very dangerous or deadly violent. When we talk about wild animals, we first come to mind about tigers and lions. But it's different to say real. The tiger-lion ranks much later in the list of the world's most dangerous animals.

Let's find out about 5 of the world's most dangerous animals.

Australian Box Jellyfish

A recent study has shown that australian box jellyfish are the first of the world's most violent animals. It looks amazing, the look is unique in beauty, just like transparent glass. But behind it is toxicity. This jellyfish is the most beautiful of jellyfish types. The marine animal is about 15 feet long. The amount of poison present in a jellyfish can kill 60 people.
Its venom attacks the heart, nervous system and skin cells. A normal jellyfish can have problems like itching if it has a tantacle or a harsh prick. And a prick of box jellyfish can kill in three minutes. In the Philippines, 20-40 people die every year due to this box jellyfish.

Marble Angle Snail

Marble angle snails are number two among the world's poisonous animals. We often see snails on the ghats on the way. But it is not a common snail or a different snail, that is, a poisonous angle snail. Angle snails are poisonous, but marble angle snails are more toxic. Angle snails look like corner ice cream. Looking at their shells, it seems to have been mosaiced with marble. So this snail has been given such a strange name. They are mainly found in the hot saline sea water of Australia. The animal is extremely deadly even though it looks amazingly beautiful.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba snake ranks third among the world's most dangerous animals. Black Mamba is the real bus in the mountainous regions of South and East Africa. This is the longest snake in Africa. Which averages more than 8.2 feet in length. An 18-foot-long black mamber was also seen. Their speed is 20 km per hour. 
It is the fastest and deadliest poisonous snake in the world. It's as fierce as it is timid. They attack opponents only when they are afraid of a lot. There are many stories about them in African mythology. An elephant can also die in no time after being bitten by a black mamba.

Cape Buffalo (Buffalo)

Cape Bofello is number four among the world's most dangerous animals. This species of buffalo lives in the grasslands of Africa. A cape buffalo weighs up to a few hundred tonnes. Their strength is their body weight and bad mood. If any of them tease, he has no protection. Experts said their memory is severely strong. This animal is very dangerous for humans.

Saifu Ants

There is a type of ant called saifu ant which is also known as driver ant. They always move in a swarm. Each of these flocks consists of about 50 million ants. There is evidence of the existence of such ants about 70 million years ago. They are mainly found in different parts of South America and Africa. They are not like ordinary ants, they are carnivores at a severe rate. A bunch of ants

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