5 generations have seen her, grandchildren 90


                  5 generations have seen her, grandchildren 90

Reporter: He is 86. At this age, the child's family, the child of that child - this is how 5 generations have seen it. The number of grandchildren of the old woman, Marie Marshall of Scotland, is no less. The total number of grandchildren is 90.
She had the good fortune to give her fifth generation when her granddaughter Naila Ferguson was born the last month ago. Surprisingly, six generations of the family are still alive, including him. All five generations of them are the mother of the girl. The oldest member of six generations is old lady Marie. And the youngest member is Naila Ferguson.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for the largest generation of families was recorded in 1989. Seven generations of The United States lived together in that family. Marie will touch that record as soon as she sees another generation. But after seeing five generations, Marie not only set a record in Scotland but also set a record in Britain. She is the only woman in Britain whose six generations are alive.

Marie described herself as lucky with her sixth generation successor. Says he has no end of happiness after having such a big family. And the family members are also happy with such a big family.

The main reason why the sixth generation met at the age of 86 was the birth of the first child of its successors 18 years or earlier. Nilea's mother Tony Ley, the youngest member of the five generations, is now 17.

Marie was born in 1935. She also gave birth to her first child at the age of 17. Marie has eight children. 8 are daughters. Rose Thorburn, the eldest of them all, is now 68. Rose has 4 children. The eldest of them, Cheril, is now 50. Cheryl became a mother at the age of 15. His daughter Carrie was born in 1986. Carrie is now 35. But she is already a mother of 4 children. New mother Tony Leigh Is The Eldest Daughter Of Eitken Carey.

Everyone except Tony was or is working. They have been working as cessis by descent under the NHS, Scotland's national medical service.

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